The Importance of Property Maintenance in Lake Arrowhead

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The Importance of Property Maintenance in Lake Arrowhead

Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. Maintains Your Property

Property maintenance is important in Lake Arrowhead as the beauty of the surroundings and the safety of clear walkways go hand in hand. From weed abatement to snow removal, to rental property preparation, our team of property maintenance professionals at Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is here to help. We understand and keep up to date on the requirements of county laws so we can ensure that your property is in compliance and your family or rental guests are safe. 

What Does Property Maintenance Involve? 

  • Clearing walkways of snow or ice during the winter season
  • Clearing your property of all dead brush and flammable plants up to 100 ft from the structure or to the property line
  • Weed abatement
  • Branch trimming and removal and pine needle cleanup

Whether you want to clear your property for fire season or make it look fresh for your guests, our team is here to make sure your property is in tip-top shape for family and visitors alike. 

Snow Removal for Lake Arrowhead Properties

Lake Arrowhead is known for its beautiful, snowy winters and breathtaking snow filled views. Along with the beauty comes the risks associated with snowy walkways and doorways. Proper snow removal ensures the safety of your family, guests, and rental property tenants as the come and go from your property. Our team can clear your walkways and make sure that the property is safe during the winter months. 

Premises Liability and Property Maintenance

Why is snow clearance and property maintenance important for vacation rental properties? The safety of your guests, visitors and family is not just about having the best vacation possible. It is also extremely important when it comes to avoiding future lawsuits. Premises liability refers to the section of law that involves slip and fall claims, inadequate maintenance lawsuits, and dangerous conditions that are not repaired or forewarned about prior to rental. If your property maintenance falls into one of these categories, you are at risk for potential lawsuits. Snow clearance is especially important with regard to premises liability, as visitors are at risk for falls when walkways, stairs or doorways are not cleared. 

Chose Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. for Your Maintenance Needs

Property maintenance, guest preparation and housekeeping, and snow removal are important and necessary parts of owning a home or vacation rental in Lake Arrowhead.  When it comes to ensuring your property is up to code and looking amazing, Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is the clear choice. Our team can prepare your Lake Arrowhead vacation rental for guest arrival while making sure your guests are safe.  We live and work in Lake Arrowhead, so we understand what you are up against, and how to best avoid lawsuits, avoid dangers and keep your property safe.

Call our team of property maintenance experts for a free quote today!

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