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Lake Arrowhead is a well-traveled area for out-of-towners, and that is no surprise with our beautiful mountains, cool weather, and the ample amounts of outdoor activities nearby. While there are many perks of vacationing in our mountain town, maintaining a home and property in the San Bernardino National Forest also comes at a price. 

When it comes to manicuring your property and keeping it free of hazards, Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC is here to help. Our Lake Arrowhead property maintenance team is here to ensure your home or vacation rental is free of dangers, looks pristine, and is in accordance with local fire code. 

Our home maintenance and vacation rental maintenance team in Lake Arrowhead provides the following services:

  • Snow removal on entire lot
  • Snow removal to exit/enter the home
  • Weed abatement 
  • Yard cleaning
  • Housekeeping

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Snow Removal in Lake Arrowhead

Because Lake Arrowhead is known for its beautiful snowy winters, our properties are also in need of constant upkeep and snow removal. Proper snow removal ensures homeowners and visitors can enter the property and home safely. This ensures the premises is safe to avoid unnecessary and costly premises liability lawsuits.

At Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC, our Lake Arrowhead snow removal team is here to help with just that. We can quickly clear snow so you can exit or enter your home, allowing you to focus on your family, job, and other activities. Additionally, we can provide snow removal services to ensure your vacation rental is pristine and perfect for incoming guests. 

Interested in our Lake Arrowhead snow removal services? Contact our Lake Arrowhead snow removal team today and let us make your life easier and safer!

Weed Abatement and Yard Clean-Up in Lake Arrowhead

According to California Public Resources Code 4291, “[M]ountain property owners are required to create a defensible space around their homes and other structures. This means removing flammable vegetation and any dead or dying plants within the fire-safety zones that extend to 100 feet around a home or structure (or to the property line).”

This means home and property owners are required to clear any vegetation that could lead to heightened fire risks. Of course, with the mass amount of pine needles, leaves, and weeds that occur on properties due to natural vegetation, removing weeds and other vegetation can be a large chore. That is why Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC is here to help!

When you choose to work with our team, we can provide the following services to keep your property safe and in accordance with local fire code:

  • Weed abatement
  • Pine needle removal
  • Raking and leaf removal
  • Branch trimming and hauling

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We Provide Housekeeping for Rental Properties in Lake Arrowhead

If you own a rental or income property, managing tasks like housekeeping can be a chore, especially for homeowners who do not live in the area. At Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC, our team provides exceptional housekeeping services for Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas. This means you can focus your attention on your family, not the maintenance or housekeeping matters of your vacation rental. 

We Provide Rental Property Maintenance in Lake Arrowhead. Call for FREE Quote!

Our rental property maintenance team in Lake Arrowhead is here to provide you with exceptional services day in and day out. We understand maintaining safety and pristine appearance on an income property can be a time-consuming price, and that is why we provide our services at an affordable, cost-effective price!

Call our Lake Arrowhead rental maintenance team today at  (909) 744-9200, and we will provide you with a FREE quote!