Woman monitoring home on surveillance camera in Redlands

Redlands Surveillance Camera Installation

Surveillance Camera Installation and Monitoring in Redlands

Home security has come a long way from locked doors and windows. With advanced systems from Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol, you can make sure that your home is safe whether you are there or away. With home security systems and surveillance cameras in your home or vacation rental, you can rest assured that your family is safe. 

Connect directly to our monitoring and patrol team, while linking in with the local law enforcement and emergency services. Feel secure knowing that you have help at your fingertips, with:

  • Rapid dispatch times
  • Early warning and contact with local police
  • Receive text or email alerts when unexpected visitors arrive
  • Check on your property while away, anytime you choose

With security and the safety of your family taken care of, you can: 

  • Spend time and energy focusing on what matters
  • Keep an eye on your children when you are out of sight

Don’t risk being unaware of threats or intruders. Utilize the advanced intruder detection services from Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol. Gain the time you need to retreat to safety or protect yourself and your family. Be aware of threats via instant alerts and know that you are protected by rapid dispatch and response from local authorities in Redlands. 

Contact our team for a free quote and protect your Redlands home or vacation rental today. 

Surveillance System Monitoring in Redlands

If you are looking for the security and safety of a system that is monitored 24/7 by a team that is ready to dispatch at any time, you need the services of Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol. Our team provides an array of safety and security services, surveillance monitoring and installation. 

Ask us about the following services for your Redlands home or vacation property:

  • Alarm system installation
  • Alarm system monitoring
  • High-definition surveillance camera installation
  • Security camera Installation
  • Remote home video surveillance
  • Smart home integration
  • Advanced intruder detection

Professional Installation and Quality Security Systems

Our team utilizes tested installation and monitoring procedures, using hard-wiring with Category 5 cable and NVR (network video recording) for footage. What will this mean for your home security system?

  • High-quality night vision
  • Wide-angle views
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Smart notifications direct to your smartphone

Cost-Effective Home and Rental Property Security

Trust the team at Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol with the security and surveillance of your property. We take pride in helping the families we work with feel safe, secure, and educated on the importance of home security. If you are ready to learn more about home security and surveillance cameras, installation and monitoring of systems, and patrol, contact Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol today. We care about the safety of your family and we can make sure you feel safe day and night. 

Call Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol and feel great about your home security in Redlands.