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Redlands Smart Home Integration

Automation for your Home with Z-Wave and Alexa

Protect your home while you are away and control your home’s comfort systems so that you can come home to perfect lighting and temperatures using your smart device. Our Redlands automation team can integrate your smart home system and provide complete personal device control of:

  • Home entrance system
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Fire and carbon monoxide alarm alerts
  • Security alarm system integration
  • Home appliances
  • Heating and air conditioning automation
  • Lighting

Contact our team to discuss smart home benefits! It will make every aspect of home systems easy, simple, and mobile!

Comfort and Security at Your Fingertips

How does smart home integration help? It offers a way to control the lighting and temperature of your home while having the peace of mind of access to your home security system from your personal device. You can access your automated system and control your home through a laptop, iPad or smartphone. 

Enjoy the comfort of mobile control of lighting, temperature and system automation and the security and efficiency of automation using smart home integration. Let our team automate your Redlands home or vacation rental today, and have your home systems at your fingertips.  

Trust Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol today and call for a free quote.