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Big Bear Home Security Installation and Alarm Monitoring

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When it comes to choosing the right company to secure the safety of your home, family, or vacation rental, look no further than our team at Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol. We believe every person deserves peace of mind when it comes to the people and belongings they love and cherish most. That’s why we provide the most affordable, top-tier services in the Big Bear area.

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Big Bear Home Security Alarm Installation and Monitoring

Research shows that houses without home security systems intact are significantly more likely to be burglary targets than those withsecurity systems. As a result, a properly installed and monitored home security alarm system can significantly decrease the chances of a break-in.  

Surveillance Camera Installation in Big Bear

A high-quality surveillance camera installation will ensure clear visual and auditory footage of any unusual activity at or near your home. Not only can a surveillance camera system deter suspects and prevent break-ins from happening, but it can also record any footage of suspicious activity occurring in case you need to use it as evidence. Our Big Bear surveillance camera installation team at Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol is here to help!

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation and Monitoring in Big Bear

Living in Big Bear is beautiful but comes with many risks, including the threat of fire dangers. At Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol, our Big Bear fire alarm installation team is passionate about protecting your life, family, and home! That’s why we provide high quality fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm systems as well as installations and monitoring. From start to finish, our Big Bear fire and CO alarm installation team ensures each project is compliant with California fire code.

Big Bear Smart Home Integration

Our Big Bear smart home integration team is prepared to make your vacation rental or home luxuriously efficient both while you are home andwhile you’re away! When you opt in for smart home integration, you choose complete control of your home any time of day or night. 

Choose from the Z-Wave system or Alexa and control the following right from your mobile device:

  • Home security systems
  • Surveillance camera systems
  • Lighting
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Fire and carbon monoxide alarm systems
  • Property entrance systems

Our Big Bear Home Security Installation Team is Here for You!

At Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol, our team is ready to equip homeowners in the Big Bear area with efficient, safe, and effective security devices to keep your home and family safe! We select and install each product as if it were for the safety of our own family because you areour family! 

Call our home security installation team in Big Bear today and let us provide you with a 100% free quote! We are ready to give you peace of mind.