Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol’s Licenses

Unlike other companies who purchase and display license numbers to appear more qualified, Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol has obtained and only displays licenses that are pertinent to our quality and standards. We will never purchase licenses or certifications to make us appear trustworthy—we let our work do the talking.

Like our work ethic, we provide transparent and real information necessary to our customers. As such, we have listed our licenses below:

Why Do Other Companies Have More Licenses?

There are several reasons why other security and alarm companies appear to have more licenses. To begin, some alarm companies will purchase a CSLB (California Contractors State License Board) License to make them seem more qualified and valuable. However, an ACO (Alarm Company Operator) License is equivalent to the value of a CSLB License.

Our Customers Benefit from Us Being a Local Company

Additionally, some alarm companies are required to add an ACB (Alarm Company Branch) License and a PPB (Private Patrol Branch) License because they are corporate owners and must file such licenses with the state in order to operate multiple branches. Because Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol is a local company, ACB and PPB Licenses are of no value to us. 

As a local-only company, we are able to provide affordable top-tier services and focus our efforts on going above and beyond for our clients.

Why are Other Companies “Bonded and Insured”?

Some companies will label and promote themselves as “Bonded and Insured.” However, the CEO of VValor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol owns the majority of the company; therefore, the bond is not necessary as it is waived by the CSLB.

Choose the Company Who Won’t Feed You B.S.

At Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol, our Lake Arrowhead home security team is compliant with state standards and has obtained all legitimate licenses to deliver top-tier results for our clients. Unlike other companies, we do not display other, non-necessary licenses to appear as a quality contractor—we let the product we deliver show our quality! 

Call our home security company in Lake Arrowhead today and learn why your local team is best for you!