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3 Major Benefits of Alarm Response Services

What You Need to Know About Alarm Response from Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. 

Security cameras, loud alarms, and smoke detectors all have one thing in common: their need for action!  Whether you are home alone and hear an intruder or are away from your property and there is a fire, the important factor in your home alarm system is the response. At Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. we don’t just install your security system, we monitor it and respond when needed, no matter the problem. 

Our home security team takes pride in response times faster than local authorities and we treat your property like it is our own. With patrol response, security for events, and fire and CO alarm response from Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc., you can rest easy knowing you and your home are protected. 

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The 3 Benefits of Alarm Response Services

You may be wondering why you need alarm response services when you can call 911 or contact your local patrol services. The problem is that they are not always available immediately, or you may be away from your home when a security issue arises. This is especially true of vacation or rental properties. 

There are three major benefits to having an alarm response service available to you and your family:

  1. Emergency response: When you and your family or guests, are threatened, the most important thing is to get help fast. With an alarm response service, you have the advantage of double the response. Not only does our team respond to an indication of an emergency, but we also contact local authorities and get on our way. Plus, we will receive notice of the emergency as soon as an alarm is tripped or a smoke detector goes off, sometimes even before you know of the issue. Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. has a team that has a reputation for faster response than local police. That’s a reputation we are determined to maintain for our customers. 
  2. Security surveillance monitoring: We offer comprehensive 24/7 patrol and home system surveillance. This allows our team to keep an eye on your property no matter if you are home or not. With patrol and system monitoring, we can ensure the protection of your home day or night and will be able to recognize signs of forced entry, gas leaks, property damage or other home security issues. 
  3. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection: If your family is asleep, your guests are away or you are unaware, a fire or gas leak can quickly threaten the lives of you and those you love. With alarm response services, we monitor and respond to indications of possible CO leaks or smoke immediately. We take your safety seriously and protect you like our own family. Our systems allow us to closely monitor your property and alert us to any threats, including the threats outside of break-ins. Home security is not just about preventing a home invasion, it is also about protecting you from the dangers already in your home. 

Home Security You Can Count On in Lake Arrowhead

Your family and your property deserve the best protection possible. Our team is here to provide comprehensive and reputable home security and emergency response systems that you can count on 24/7. Don’t wait until you smell smoke to consider a home alarm response service, take the steps to protect what you value now. 

Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. in Lake Arrowhead, is a locally owned and operated company and we are fully equipped to protect your home with the attention we give to our own. We know the area, we know the threats and we know what it takes to keep our customers safe. 

Contact our team today to discuss your home alarm system needs. 

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Do I Need an Alarm System and Surveillance Cameras?

Lake Arrowhead Home Security with Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc.

Surveillance Camera Outside

Despite the 6,000 burglaries that occur every day, according to Alarm Systems Report, there are ways to make your home or rental less of a target. An alarm system and surveillance cameras may deter burglars from wreaking havoc not only on your home, but on your peace of mind.

Our team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is local to Lake Arrowhead and we understand that many of the homes in our area are vacation homes. Our alarm systems and surveillance camera systems allow us to assist you in home and rental protection in several capacities, including company monitoring options for when you are not present, rapid response from local authorities, and immediate alerts sent to your smartphone. 

How Alarm Systems and Surveillance Protect Your Property

Alarms and surveillance cameras allow your home or vacation rental to be protected even if you are not there. They have the option for remote monitoring, for alerts to be sent if there is activity, and for any potential burglars to know that they are on camera-which is a deterrent in itself. Alarm systems provide early warnings and rapid response from local law enforcement, which are invaluable if a burglar enters your home or vacation property when it is occupied. Alarm systems allow our team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. to monitor your home or vacation rental for you, if you choose, and to provide comprehensive protection for your property. 

Surveillance cameras can warn you of unexpected visitors, help you to monitor your children if they are out front or back while you are inside, and allow you to watch for deliveries or the arrival of rental guests. In addition, surveillance systems not only protect your home or rental itself, but the area in front of the property. This is a great feature if you are concerned about vehicle break-ins or if other properties in your neighborhood have fallen victim to burglaries. Cameras can capture the comings and goings of guests, and if there is a pattern of unwanted attention to your property, you have the foresight that can help you to better protect your home. Quite often, burglars will stake out properties or vehicles prior to the actual break-in. A surveillance system is an early warning system when such activity is captured.

Alarms, Surveillance and Other Burglar Deterrents

Cameras and effective alarms are one way to protect your home and vacation rental, but using these with a combination of other things is even more effective.

There are several things that can help keep your home from being a target, including:

  • Keep your property well lit and consider daytime and nighttime lighting timers. 
  • Vary your schedule so that your home does not have a predictable schedule for people being there.
  • Keep your home from being covered by tall trees, shrubs, and fencing. This allows neighbors to keep an eye on the coming and going of visitors.
  • Consider pets; a big dog, or just a loud dog, is a deterrent in itself. 
  • If you are securing a vacation rental, be sure to discuss sharing responsibility for your neighbors, so that you can look out for each other’s property when the other is not there.  

Lake Arrowhead Protection with Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc.

Whether you are looking for a surveillance system or a home alarm system, our team is here to help you protect your property. If you are a vacation rental owner, consider the added appeal for your guests when you tell them the property is protected by surveillance and an alarm system that includes rapid response and remote monitoring. That added security can help guests feel safe and relaxed while on vacation.

At home, the security of an alarm system and surveillance makes every day a bit more relaxed. Receive alerts on your phone when there is front door activity, receive constant assurance that your home is safe with camera view access 24/7, and know that local law enforcement and emergency services are connected to your alarm system. 

When you want the peace of mind of an alarm and surveillance system for your Lake Arrowhead home or vacation rental, call the team that is local and will protect your home like it is our own. Call Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc.

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The Importance of Property Maintenance in Lake Arrowhead

Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. Maintains Your Property

Snow Removal with Shovel

Property maintenance is important in Lake Arrowhead as the beauty of the surroundings and the safety of clear walkways go hand in hand. From weed abatement to snow removal, to rental property preparation, our team of property maintenance professionals at Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is here to help. We understand and keep up to date on the requirements of county laws so we can ensure that your property is in compliance and your family or rental guests are safe. 

What Does Property Maintenance Involve? 

  • Clearing walkways of snow or ice during the winter season
  • Clearing your property of all dead brush and flammable plants up to 100 ft from the structure or to the property line
  • Weed abatement
  • Branch trimming and removal and pine needle cleanup

Whether you want to clear your property for fire season or make it look fresh for your guests, our team is here to make sure your property is in tip-top shape for family and visitors alike. 

Snow Removal for Lake Arrowhead Properties

Lake Arrowhead is known for its beautiful, snowy winters and breathtaking snow filled views. Along with the beauty comes the risks associated with snowy walkways and doorways. Proper snow removal ensures the safety of your family, guests, and rental property tenants as the come and go from your property. Our team can clear your walkways and make sure that the property is safe during the winter months. 

Premises Liability and Property Maintenance

Why is snow clearance and property maintenance important for vacation rental properties? The safety of your guests, visitors and family is not just about having the best vacation possible. It is also extremely important when it comes to avoiding future lawsuits. Premises liability refers to the section of law that involves slip and fall claims, inadequate maintenance lawsuits, and dangerous conditions that are not repaired or forewarned about prior to rental. If your property maintenance falls into one of these categories, you are at risk for potential lawsuits. Snow clearance is especially important with regard to premises liability, as visitors are at risk for falls when walkways, stairs or doorways are not cleared. 

Chose Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. for Your Maintenance Needs

Property maintenance, guest preparation and housekeeping, and snow removal are important and necessary parts of owning a home or vacation rental in Lake Arrowhead.  When it comes to ensuring your property is up to code and looking amazing, Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is the clear choice. Our team can prepare your Lake Arrowhead vacation rental for guest arrival while making sure your guests are safe.  We live and work in Lake Arrowhead, so we understand what you are up against, and how to best avoid lawsuits, avoid dangers and keep your property safe.

Call our team of property maintenance experts for a free quote today!

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Say “No” to Unapproved Price Increases

Securing the safety of your home, property, and family is, more than likely, your most important priority, and no one understands that like our Lake Arrowhead home security team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC. As such, it is unlikely you are monitoring your invoices day in and day out, and that’s because you shouldn’t have to. All services should be provided at the cost initially discussed and agreed upon— no exceptions. Home security and alarm services should be no different.

Unfortunately, many home security and alarm companies take advantage of unknowing customers by increasing rates without approval or adding hidden fees. At Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC, we do not agree with these tactics, and that is why you can trust our team for all your home security, fire and CO alarm, and property maintenance services. 

Ensure Fairness with These 4 Tips

Our team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC suggests that customers notusing our services follow the 4 tips:

Check past invoices 

Be sure to look at your current provider’s invoices and check for any unapproved price increases.

Review your initial agreement

Be sure you agreed to current invoice pricing and that hidden fees were not added.

Ensure all services agreed to were provided

Be sure your provider has fulfilled the services agreed upon in your contract.

Ask for a copy of your contract

Always ask for a copy of your contact to ensure you are safe from price increases or unnecessary and unrequested services.

You Get What You Pay for at Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC

Our service and commitment to you extends beyond our security and alarm services. We pride ourselves in providing quality services with no surprise pricing adjustments or hidden costs. Our success is your safety. You can trust Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC to deliver protection and safety today by contacting one of our security and safety professionals.

Speak with a member of our team today and find out why choosing Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC is right for you (and your wallet)! We deliver quality services using only fair tactics.

Man Holding No Hidden Fees Sign
Helpful Articles

5 Benefits of a Home Security System

When it comes to protecting your property, belongings, home, and family, there is no limit. However, costs, installation hassles, and other factors often deter people from properly securing their homes. The result? An unprotected home and the lack of peace of mind. (Yikes!)

At Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC, our Lake Arrowhead home security company strongly believes that proper home security system installation in conjunction with an expert monitoring team is crucial for any homeowner. Here’s why:

1.    Notifies You Who is at the Door Before Answering

A home security system can protect your family’s safety as it will notify you when someone is on your property or at your front door. This will allow you to ensure there are no unwanted visitors before answering the door or allowing your children to answer the door.

2.    Provides Control Over Who Enters Your Home and When

A home security system will allow you to protect your family, even while you are away, by ensuring only permitted persons enter the home. If you have automatic door locks, you will be able to remotely unlock the doors to let your in your children after school (or other permitted guests) and lock the doors as soon as they enter. This ensures unwanted guests do not enter.

3.    Protects Your Precious Goods and Valuables

On average, burglary victims lose almost $2,500.00 in goods, many of which are irreplaceable due to sentimentality. A home security system includes a loud alarm that will sound when a burglar attempts to enter. In many cases, the alarm system will frighten the burglar, causing them to run without taking anything. The alarm will also notify the police and trigger your monitoring company’s system, giving the company immediate access to view the activity inside the home.

4.    Notifies You of the Presence of Carbon Monoxide or Smoke

While preventing burglary is a great benefit of a home security system, another huge perk is protecting your home from dangerous situations dealing with fire or carbon monoxide poisoning with the proper fire and CO alarm and monitoring system. A home security system will notify you, your security company’s monitoring team, and the local fire department of an emergency if the system detects smoke or dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

5.    Lowers the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance may decrease by up to 20% by having a home security system installed and monitored.

Call our Lake Arrowhead Home Security Company Today

At Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC, our home security installation company in Lake Arrowhead is dedicated to keeping you, your home, and your family safe all hours of the day and night, including the hours you are away. For this reason, we provide full home security system installations, alarm monitoring, and much more. In many cases, we suggest our clients also take advantage of smart home integration, which our team handles, to ensure all other components of the house are functioning and to have access to surveillance cameras 24/7.

To learn more, call our Lake Arrowhead home security company today! Our team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, LLC is committed to excellence. We will provide you with a FREE quote!