Lake Arrowhead Security Alarm and Camera Installation

Lake Arrowhead Security Alarm and Camera Installation

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When it comes to protecting your home and family, there is no cost that is too great. Sources state that homes without home security systems are about 2.7 times more likely to be targeted for burglary. This statistic alone depicts how the proper home security system can protect a home and the family within from a break-in. Additionally, a security camera that records both audio and video footage allows homeowners to collect evidence when intruders attempt to enter the home or unusual activity occurs near the home.

If you are ready to secure your home, call our Lake Arrowhead alarm installation team at Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol right away. We can provide you and your family with the peace of mind you deserve. When you contact our team for a quote, be sure to ask about the following installations and services we provide:

  • Alarm system installation
  • Alarm system monitoring
  • High definition surveillance camera installation
  • Security camera monitoring
  • Remote home video surveillance
  • Smart Home integration
  • Advanced intruder detection

Call Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol for a free quote! Our Lake Arrowhead alarm installation team can keep your family, home, and property safe 24/7.

Should I Invest in a Home Security Alarm System for My Home?

Investing in a home security system for your house or a vacation rental can prove to be cost-effective immediately. Not only will you be able to rest easily knowing your house, rental property, and family is safe, but you can also benefit from the sense of security you get even when you are away. To ensure optimal safety and promptness, our home security and alarm systems provide the following:

  • Rapid dispatch times
  • Instant alerts sent to you through email, text, or phone call 

In many cases, burglars will attempt to enter a home (unknowingly or knowingly) when people are inside. Sometimes, if a burglar enters a home and expects the house to be empty, the burglar may exhibit aggressive behavior if they realize family members are still present. Having a security system that includes advanced intruder detection can provide family members enough time to retreat to a safe location while the home security alarm system notifies the police.

In the cases where a burglar enters a home with the knowledge that the family is present, the burglar’s intentions are often more malicious. Having the security system in place serves as an early warning system and contacts local law enforcement immediately. Our Lake Arrowhead alarm installation company is here to help.

Do I Need a Video Surveillance System for My Home or Vacation Rental?

At Valor of the Lake Alarms and Patrol, our Lake Arrowhead security camera installation team also provide home video surveillance options so you can spend more time focusing on your family or job, and less about the safety of your home or rental property. With a video surveillance system in your home, you can:

  • Keep an eye on your children
  • Receive alerts when unexpected visitors arrive
  • Check on the well-being and safety of your property

Our Lake Arrowhead home security installation team installs cameras that are hard wired with a Cat5 (Category 5) cable and use NVR (network video recorder) for recording footage. This ensures optimal and high-quality footage and:

  • Wide angle views
  • High-quality night vision
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Smart notifications direct to your cell phone

Because our Lake Arrowhead home security team only uses top-tier products, homeowners can share access with other users, such as renters, making our security camera systems perfect for vacation rentals.

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Ready to have a Home Security System Installed in Your Home or Vacation Rental?

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