5 Causes of House Fires During Winter

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5 Causes of House Fires During Winter

Lake Arrowhead Winter Fire Precautions

Why is wintertime a prime time for house fires? The simple answer: additional heating and wiring around the house add additional fire danger. It is important to be aware of fire dangers and the ways to prevent them this and every winter so that your family, your guests and possible renters are safe. As long-time residents and company owners in the Lake Arrowhead area, Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. is happy to offer tips and information on how to keep your home safe throughout the year. 

Whether you are a full-time Lake Arrowhead resident or own rental or vacation property in the area, it is critical to protect your home from fires, inclement weather, intruders or other property risks. Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. provides 24/7 home or rental protection, patrol services, fire and CO alarms, security and camera installation

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5 Causes of House Fires in Winter Months

Awareness and preparedness for the risks of house fires in the winter months can help you prevent disaster. Check your home for the dangers below and keep your family safe. 

  1. Heating Risks: Space heaters, baseboard heating vents, and wall units should be kept clear of flammable items, materials, and furniture. Space heaters and propane room heaters should be used in areas there is a CO alarm. Be sure to only use plug-in space heaters when awake, or utilize the units that have an automatic shut off. 
  2. Electrical: Space heaters are both and electrical danger, as they pull much more power from outlets and power strips than other appliances. Other electrical concerns are overloaded circuits, clothing dryers, and Christmas trees, that tend to require multiple strands of lights or extra power with decorations. Electrical arcing is an additional risk with holiday lights and dry trees in your home. Rooms to double-check for electrical wiring risks and overloaded circuits during winter include living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, attic, and garage. 
  3. Garages: Speaking of the garage and high risk for fire, the garage houses flammable liquids as well as multiple outlets. Be sure to clear any flammable liquid leaks thoroughly and keep space for air to circulate. Be aware of any overloaded outlets and install heat alarms and auto-off switches. Clear out dryer ducts and clean the lint trap with each cycle to be sure that your dryer is not a fire hazard. Lint and dryer vent fires are quite common year-round. 
  4. Cooking: Be alert while cooking and around flames or barbeques. When cooking fried food, keep flames and oil under watchful eye, as fire can easily and quickly erupt at the stove when frying. High heat and oil are a dangerous combination. Turn off cooking equipment when done and keep flammable items away from the stove at all times. Holiday meals can often involve deep fryers, so be sure to use extreme caution when placing or removing food from the deep fryer. 
  5. Candles: When there is extra activity throughout the house and holiday candles are lit, it is important to take extra precautions. Move candles up to high shelves when small children are present, and be sure to extinguish flames before leaving the room if you are not coming right back. Do not go to sleep or leave the house without making sure all candles are blown out. Move candles away from flammable items such as blankets, papers, books, gift wrap or dry plants. Be sure not to place candles or open flames near hanging drapes, as they can catch and spread fire in seconds time. 

Safety First: Use Caution During Winter Months

The home security team at Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. wants to be sure that you and your loved ones are safe, and this includes fire safety. We can help you maintain your property and inspect your home for hazards that you may not be aware of. Contact our Lake Arrowhead fire and CO alarm specialists to make your property safe for the winter months and all year long. 

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