3 Major Benefits of Alarm Response Services

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3 Major Benefits of Alarm Response Services

What You Need to Know About Alarm Response from Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. 

Security cameras, loud alarms, and smoke detectors all have one thing in common: their need for action!  Whether you are home alone and hear an intruder or are away from your property and there is a fire, the important factor in your home alarm system is the response. At Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. we don’t just install your security system, we monitor it and respond when needed, no matter the problem. 

Our home security team takes pride in response times faster than local authorities and we treat your property like it is our own. With patrol response, security for events, and fire and CO alarm response from Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc., you can rest easy knowing you and your home are protected. 

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The 3 Benefits of Alarm Response Services

You may be wondering why you need alarm response services when you can call 911 or contact your local patrol services. The problem is that they are not always available immediately, or you may be away from your home when a security issue arises. This is especially true of vacation or rental properties. 

There are three major benefits to having an alarm response service available to you and your family:

  1. Emergency response: When you and your family or guests, are threatened, the most important thing is to get help fast. With an alarm response service, you have the advantage of double the response. Not only does our team respond to an indication of an emergency, but we also contact local authorities and get on our way. Plus, we will receive notice of the emergency as soon as an alarm is tripped or a smoke detector goes off, sometimes even before you know of the issue. Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. has a team that has a reputation for faster response than local police. That’s a reputation we are determined to maintain for our customers. 
  2. Security surveillance monitoring: We offer comprehensive 24/7 patrol and home system surveillance. This allows our team to keep an eye on your property no matter if you are home or not. With patrol and system monitoring, we can ensure the protection of your home day or night and will be able to recognize signs of forced entry, gas leaks, property damage or other home security issues. 
  3. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection: If your family is asleep, your guests are away or you are unaware, a fire or gas leak can quickly threaten the lives of you and those you love. With alarm response services, we monitor and respond to indications of possible CO leaks or smoke immediately. We take your safety seriously and protect you like our own family. Our systems allow us to closely monitor your property and alert us to any threats, including the threats outside of break-ins. Home security is not just about preventing a home invasion, it is also about protecting you from the dangers already in your home. 

Home Security You Can Count On in Lake Arrowhead

Your family and your property deserve the best protection possible. Our team is here to provide comprehensive and reputable home security and emergency response systems that you can count on 24/7. Don’t wait until you smell smoke to consider a home alarm response service, take the steps to protect what you value now. 

Valor of the Lake Alarms, Inc. in Lake Arrowhead, is a locally owned and operated company and we are fully equipped to protect your home with the attention we give to our own. We know the area, we know the threats and we know what it takes to keep our customers safe. 

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